San Jose, Costa Rica 9th - 10th May 2019


EXPOTUR offers to a select group of companies the opportunity to participate as Hosted Buyer, which is defined as:

Any natural or legal entity with operation and residence abroad, who have not attended in previous editions at the discretion of EXPOTUR, and according to a prior selection process are invited with partially paid expenses”… (EXPOTUR Regulation 2015-2018)

Para registrarse como comprador invitado complete el siguiente formulario:

To register as a guest buyer complete the following form:

Hosted Buyer Program Requirements

  • Being a foreign company, with foreign representatives who do not reside in Costa Rica.
  • Receiving this benefit for the first time, both the company and the delegate(s) who represents it.
  • Ideally have to Costa Rica in its current offering products; alternatively companies that at least have similar and /or nearby destinations within its current offer can be accepted. Both cases must be verified through their website.

Benefits as a Hosted Buyer

  • Courtesy Lodging
  • Possibility to receive a courtesy air ticket with arrival and departure from the Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO). To obtain such air ticket, your company profile will be analyzed by EXPOTUR 2018 Committee
  • Transfers from the Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) to the official hotels. Only Transfer In will be provided, and will be available only to companies that provide the required information previously on the time requested by EXPOTUR.
  • Daily transfers Official Hotels - Venue - Official Activities - Official Hotels, with pre-established schedules.
  • Online System to schedule appointments with Exhibitors and Sellers.
  • Two days of direct negotiations with the leading providers of tourism services in Costa Rica and some countries in the region
  • Offer of educational seminars with topics relevant to the tourism industry. Buyers may attend these without any additional cost and prior reservation in the Online System.
  • Themed Pre and Post Inspections to the most relevant destinations in Costa Rica, which offers an excellent option of getting to know the destination, at a very low cost.To participate, you must pay the correspondent fee and complete a reservation through the Online System.
  • Exclusive Official Social and Cultural Activities.

Responsibilities as a Hosted Buyer

  • Attend all EXPOTUR Official activities during the 2 days of negotiations (social and cultural activities).
  • Hosted buyers must make a minimum of 15 appointments per day. (Attendance to seminars will be valid for 2 appointments).
  • Attend to the 2 days of negotiations throughout the day.

How To Apply To The Hosted Buyer Program?

  1. Applicants must complete the Hosted Buyer Registration Form Online with all profile data, all questions and points. The lack of information in this document may be reason to not processing the request. The submission of the form does not represent the confirmation of qualifying as a hosted buyer.
  2. EXPOTUR 2018 Committee receive the information and initiate the process of Analysis of the Company.
  3. Applicant company is informed of the decision of the organizers of the event; which is final.
  4. If the response from the organizers is positive, the company passes to the APPROVED Status and sending the following additional information will be requested:
    • Name of the Tour Operator in Costa Rica
    • Summary of the passenger movement to Costa Rica of at least the last year
    • Copy of the delegates passport with at least 8 months of validity
    • Provide possible itineraries to Costa Rica (2 options)
    • Credit card information as collateral TheCredit Card Authorization Form will be sent and must be returned with handwritten signature.
  5. If the organizers response is no and the company is assigned the status of NOTAPPROVED. To establish its participation in the event,the possibility of granting additional benefits will be analyzed,different from an Airline Ticket, cost to be definitively borne by the company.

Hosted buyer policies

Important details for your consideration when applying or participating as Hosted Buyer:


The accommodation will be assigned by EXPOTUR according to occupation and the organizers criteria. Once the assignation of the Hotel has been done and informed to the participants, it may NOT be modified.


This program applies only for 1 delegate per company.

If a second delegate wants to participate, it must cover its expenses (accommodation, airfare and admission to the event).

Air ticket:

Regarding the flight options, the delegate has the possibility to indicate EXPOTUR, which are its 2 possible routes. However, there is no guarantee that the ticket can be issued exactly the same, as this will depend on the availability of the flight when processing the purchase.

Additionally, once that your ticket has been sent to purchase, you will not be able to make any changes, any penalty or modification must be covered and processed by the company directly, EXPOTUR will not take care of them. Remember, it is NOT possible to make changes in the passengers name.


Credit card guarantee only applies when the delegate fails to comply with the stipulated in the document "Authorization of credit card use" sent by email if you have the APPROVED Status.


Take into consideration that before sending us your flight options, you must be sure that you have all legal permits for traveling, such as VISAS, VACCINATIONS or any other necessary requirement. EXPOTUR is not responsible for processing them for you.

To achieve the data and information relevant to this item, please contact the General Directorate of Migration and Immigration of Costa Rica on the web page

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