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  • May 2019.

Important documents:

Stand decoration

  • Within the exhibition areas, smoking and eating or alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
  • It is forbidden to nail, paint, fix objects with glue or adhesive tape in the exhibition areas (walls, doors, windows, carpet, etc.). The use of flammable gas balloons for decoration is not allowed.
  • Each exhibitor must protect the facilities from any damage and be responsible.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to paint, nail, saw or fix objects with glue on the panels of the stands. Only posters, signs, blankets, etc. may be placed. with bedbugs or adhesive tape.
  • In case of alteration or modification of the elements of the stand the exhibitor will be responsible for covering the cost of the repairs.
  • It will be the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure the safety of the exhibited items. For this reason, neither the stand nor its elements should remain alone during the hours of negotiation.
  • Each company must bring its personnel for the hauling and installation of equipment for the decoration of its stand, preferably identified with a distinctive of the company, be it a badge or shirt with the institutional logo, both during the decoration and in the dismantling of stands.
  • The height that the stand must have is 2.40 meters, the decoration that exceeds this height will not be allowed, including banners of this size, except in the special cases in which the exhibitor requested authorization from ACOPROT. If this measure is not complied with, the Exhibitor may be requested to withdraw.
  • The permitted area for decoration will be only that which is subscribed within the panels, therefore the use of elements such as awnings, floors or other structures that exceed these measures must be removed by the personnel in charge.
  • Each stand will have a sign with the name of the company and the stand number, which must be permanently visible for the location of the participants. If this measure is not complied with, the stand of the Fair will be closed.
  • For more information, contact: National Sales Department

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